Transitional Housing

We have a new brochure for the Straight & Narrow:  S&N Brochure

The purpose of our transitional homes is to provide an environment for spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and practical growth so that the men and women may be integrated back into the community to become Godly influences that may lead people to Christ and transform the community.
We will accomplish this by developing an atmosphere of love and unity that will encourage and edify each resident as being valuable.

We have a men’s and a women’s transitional house. Currently, we are in the process of cultivating a couple other houses so that more may participate in the program. At this time there are beds open in both the men’s and the women’s houses. As of now, both of our transitional houses are located in Kansas City, MO.

For more information about or to apply for our transitional homes, please contact Cartez Burkhalter at 816-679-3372.

The following are our rules and requirements for residents of the transitional housing:  Transitional Housing Rules & Requirements


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3 responses

  1. I need help. I’m a mother without work on SDI. I do church ministry. I need a place to call home. Please call me. 5628263024. Elizabeth


  2. Brandy Schaal | Reply

    I am a 42 yo woman who is looking for transitional housing preferably Christian based. I believe your program is a perfect fit for me ive been trying to contact you but no answer please call me.8163157451


    1. I’m sorry you’ve had difficulty contacting us, I’m not sure what the problem is, sorry about that. I forwarded your message to the house manager, hopefully you will hear from her soon!


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