Cold Weather Shelter

Men, women, and children are welcome.

Bridge of Hope Community Church is opening their doors for up to 20 people who need to get out of the extreme cold.  Upon entry at 6pm, guests will receive a warm shower, dinner, fellowship, and a warm place to sleep.  Guests may bring 1 bag. Alcohol, drugs, and paraphernalia are not allowed in the building. However, weapons will be stored safely and returned when leaving. A light breakfast is served in the morning. Guests will be directed to local warming centers at 8am.

The shelter is open when the temperature is 20 degrees and below; 6pm-8am.

You can call hotline after 1pm to find out if it will be open. Arrive at 6pm: first come, first served.

Hotline: 913-735-WARM (9276) 

For more information on the structure, you can read this.

There are many needs–for physical and monetary donations as well as volunteers for the running of the shelter. For updated information of the needs and how you can get involved, please contact Amber Holmes at

This year, we’ve been featured on the news a few times, you can see those clips here and here


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