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Donate While You Shop At Amazon!

Bridge Of Hope Community Church

You can now donate to Bridge of Hope while shopping on Amazon at no extra cost to yourself! Click on the button above, or simply go to and pick Bridge of Hope Community Church (make sure it’s the Kansas City, KS one!) as your charity organization and go about your normal shopping! They will donate 0.5% of your purchase.  What could be easier?!

Food Network Donations

You can now donate to our Food Network via this handy sign-up! This way, you can know exactly what is in need at the moment. Simply click on the link below and check it out!

Food Network Donations

As we are in this transition of finding new sources to receive food donations, since we can no longer go to the food bank in Sedalia, MO due to a change in MO law, we are in need of assistance in providing food for these families. Consequently, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Transitional Housing Video

This past week, over 5,000 youth came from all over the country to KC for the EFCA Challenge conference. While there, not only did they received excellent instruction, but had an opportunity to serve in the city! Some of the youth worked at a day camp at the church, others at prayer tents, others went on prayer walks, and still others worked on some houses. (There were even more service projects, but those were the ones that Bridge of Hope was involved with!) This is a video from when some youth were working at our women’s house, and highlights the benefits of partnership within the Church body. Enjoy!